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The Egoless Leadership Program is designed for all individuals who are willing to transcend from purely an ego based leadership style “what is in it for me” to a consciously evolving higher level of leadership “what is in it for us”.


What is An Egoless Leader?


Egoless Leadership QuestionnaireTo fully understand "ego"  ........ "ego" must be defined.

The Webster’s Dictionary states, "The ego represents the conscious self, the superficial conscious part of the psyche, developed in response to environment, self centeredness, egotism, and conceit".

In other words "Ego" Leadership focuses on self, "what is in it for ME". Whereas "Egoless" Leadership focuses on "what is in it for US". 

This is not to make “ego” leadership wrong. 

The purpose of Egoless Leadership is to give those individuals who lead from their intuition, head and heart permission to platform what is most important in developing a great and sustainable company. 

How their "people" are respectfully honoured and treated. Without loyal employees, suppliers and customers or clients the sustainability of any business is in jeopardy. 

People driven leaders create profit driven results. This Egoless Leadership Training Program inspires Leaders to "inspire" others.

There is a major difference between motivation and inspiration. When employees are inspired, their belief in themselves and others accelerates. The result is greater self confidence and self esteem is ultimately experienced. Performing with greater self confidence and self esteem will create outstanding and sustainable results.

Egoless Leaders look within to see how their thoughts, words and deeds create a positive or negative ripple affect.  Leading at this higher level subtly empowers those following to rise above complacency and mediocrity.

This level of leadership is triggered by humility.   Leading with humility perpetuates trust.  Trusting, results in belief and confidence in the leadership.  Belief and confidence stimulates pride.  When individuals are proud to be employees of a company who recognizes and honours their valued contribution the results are extraordinary.

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